Helping tech investors participate in new and emerging market opportunities and maximize investment returns


AdAstra Finance is a DeFi platform enabling investors to participate in best market opportunities at early stage funding rounds. Astra technology opportunity tokens offer convenient access to a diversity of services previously accessible only for large institutional investors.


Fastest Growing Markets

  • Internet of Things
  • Data Market
  • NFT
  • Decentralized Media

TOP DeFi Services

  • Interest-bearing Staking
  • Diversified Industry Tokens
  • Index Tokens

Unlocked Liquidity Protocol

  • Locked tokens used as collateral
  • Dynamic Rational Pricing
  • Own Oracles


  • Technology expertise and global tech innovators’ support
  • Integration support for all types of blockchains
  • Advanced identity and access management service for protecting crypto wallets against man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Transactional protocol on-demand adaptation on alternative blockchains
  • Multi-device authentication and AAA methods invisible to network surveillance and packet sniffing
  • Low commission rates
  • Safe staking


With token swapping, staking and token liquidity unlocking opportunities


Your portfolio by best projects chosen by experienced investors


from access to best tech projects at the early stage invesment rounds

Assisting Corporations In Executing

  • Token issuance
  • Tokenomics
  • Token distribution
  • Airdrops

Token Issuance

Develop and privately host enterprise token issuances, including token minting, token presales, public listings, bonus token distributions, airdrops and post-listing private placements on any blockchain.



Q3 2020

AdAstra platform launch

Q4 2020

aIOT Internet-of-Things Token
AdAstra Affiliate Program
AdAstra Staking Launch

Q1 2021

AdAstra Governance Token

Q2 2021

aDATA Data Token

Q3 2021

iDeFi DeFi Index Token
iNFT NFT Index Token

Q4 2021

aSCM Supply Chain Token
aDeMe Decentralized
Media Token

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