Astra IOT Token Liquidity Accumulation

Accepted currencies: ETH, USDT
Token sale price: 0.2 USD
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AdAstra aIOT Token Private sale

AdAstra is excited to announce the private sale of aIOT token to investors interested in participating in the upcoming launch of AdAstra’s highly anticipated Astra IoT liquidity pool. Presale participants investing ETH or USDT receive aIOT tokens at a discount, while providing liquidity for capitalizing leading enterprises in the burgeoning IoT industry.

By purchasing aIOT tokens, investors are granted the confirmation of participation in the Liquidity Asset Pool. Via liquidity Pool, the funds are invested in promising projects during their respective presale stages.Tokens remain locked up for a period of six months, after which the tokens are fully available for trading or for staking. Estimated Value of the current underlying asset investor may monitor on the website.

Price Projection

  • USD
  • ETH
  • YEN

aIoT Token Price

~0.2 USD


Pool Asset Value per aIoT Token

~0.015 USD


Pool Token Price (per 100 aIoT)

Pool Asset Value (per 100 aIoT)

How to participate

To participate in the distribution of aIOT tokens, you must swap ETH to aIOT through Kaizen protocol. This process requires an ERC-20 compatible wallet.


Secure web application. Support Swaps and Crypto transactions

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AdAstra aIOT Value Proposition

Astra IoT Token (aIOT) represents the finest IoT products and services, offering its investors and liquidity providers superior economic performance and return potential. The profit potential of the industry-specific tokens will be reflected in token price growth and value appreciation.

aIOT can act as a proxy for underlying assets, and could be exchanged after a lock-up period. The Swap is performed on AdAstra’s cost-efficient liquidity aggregation platform, using a Kaizen.Finance protocol. AdAstra creates an ecosystem where token holders can benefit from compound interest, high liquidity, and arbitraging profit without suffering from impermanent loss.

Please read the FAQ to learn more about aIOT.

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