What is AdAstra?

AdAstra is a liquidity infrastructure for transformative technology opportunities across expansive emerging markets. AdAstra provides a flexible cost-efficient DeFi platform, supporting diverse tech sectors while offering investors and liquidity providers superior economic performance & return potential.

What is the purpose of AdAstra tokens?

AdAstra creates an ecosystem where token holders can benefit from the positive effects of compounded interest, high liquidity and a share of arbitraging profit without suffering from impermanent loss. It leverages the power of two of the most innovative industry tokens, aIOT and aIDV.

How does AdAstra work?

AdAstra aggregates liquidity into tech-sector specific Astra tokens, offering industry-specific opportunities for token holders. AdAstra belongs to the data-driven economy, which generates profit from the decentralized services.

How do I swap aIOT using MetaMask?

Step 1. Click Get aIOT Tokens

To purchase aIOT, click the Get aIOT Tokens button on https://adastra.finance. You will be redirected to the Kaizen protocol.

Step 2. Connect your MetaMask wallet

To connect your MetaMask wallet click the Connect Wallet button at the Kaizen protocol website. MetaMask supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Brave browsers. For more information about MetaMask wallet, please visit the MetaMask FAQ.

Step 3. Start Swapping

In the FROM field, enter the amount of ETH you want to swap for aIOT. Optionally, you may adjust preferred slippage limit and enter your referral code. Click Swap.

How do I swap aIOT using SugoiWallet?

Step 1. Sign in to your SugoiWallet

To sign in or create your SugoiWallet, go to https://sugoiwallet.hypersphere.ai. Sing in with your Hyper ID credentials. If you do not have a Hyper ID account, click Create account to register one.

Step 2. Select Kaizen Finance

AdAstra uses Kaizen protocol to enable swapping ETH to aIOT. In your SugoiWallet click on DApps and select Kaizen Finance from the Exchange list.

Step 3. Start Swapping

In the FROM field, enter the amount of ETH you want to swap for aIOT. Optionally, you may adjust preferred slippage limit and enter your referral code. Click Swap.

Is AdAstra decentralized?

AdAstra is a decentralized infrastructure that utilizes the mathematical algorithms of Kaizen protocol in order to provide a better DeFi experience.

What is aIOT?

Astra IoT Token (aIOT) represents the best-in-class IoT products and services, offering the token holders to benefit from profit growth of the early stages of IoT market acceptance.

What is aIDV?

Astra IDV Identity Validation Token stands for the technology of personal identity validation, which is a fundamental component in controlling data access in many decentralized projects. Validated identity allows users to securely access their decentralized assets.

Where can I acquire aIOT and aIDV?

Astra tokens are available via adastra.finance website. The profit potential of the industry-specific tokens will be reflected in token price growth and value appreciation of aIOT and aIDV.

What is Kaizen protocol?

Kaizen is a cross-blockchain interoperable full-stack protocol, allowing to leverage the full potential of Decentralized Finances.

What are AdAstra fees?

AdAstra is free to use. However, users must pay ETH for the transactions, carried out by Kaizen protocol as well as any other blockchain level transaction fees.

How can I make sure AdAstra is eligible to Use in my country?

It is legal to use AdAstra from anywhere in the world.

How secure are the AdAstra tokens?

Security is of the utmost importance to us. Our team has a solid background in cybersecurity and we build AdAstra, taking into account all the complexity of decentralized finances and the responsibility of maintaining a value-bearing infrastructure.