New Liquidity Projects on AdAstra

Mar 22, 2021

Each DeFi innovation pool on AdAstra has its own Astra technology opportunity token unique to the sector it supports.

In addition to developing DeFi infrastructure, the AdAstra platform facilitates liquidity for project funding.

Here is the list of scheduled liquidity projects coming soon:

  • aIOT (Internet-of-Things token), for providing liquidity to 5 major IoT projects
  • aIDV (Identity Validation token), for expanding infrastructure features and applying
  • aDEFI (DeFi protocol token), for broadening DeFi features development
  • aSCM (Supply chain token), for developing supply management blockchain
  • aCST (Cybersecurity and trust token), for deploying general cryptocurrency wallet

Apart from DeFi pool investing, AdAstra’s bankless DeFi banking services include interest-bearing staking (lending to a pool) and collateralized borrowing. Also, investors may participate in funding the AdAstra platform itself by acquiring AdAstra governance tokens — ADAST.

With the new Astra Technology Opportunities Tokens, liquidity providers can limit risks in a diversified portfolio and yield high long-term returns.

Our Technology Sector-Specific Opportunities for 2021

Mar 18, 2021

AdAstra’s #DeFi innovation pools represent a variety of technology sector-specific opportunities:

  • publicly-listed enterprise #tokens
  • private enterprise tokens
  • proxy tokens
  • index tokens
  • synthetic tokens

Participate in Tech-Sector Specific Innovation Pools

Mar 09, 2021

Excited to share a sneak peak at the new ways to achieve new capabilities of #AdAstra. Users will be able to choose to participate in tech-sector specific innovation #pools or invest directly through the acquisition of the AdAstra #governance #token. More details to come!

Introducing Stablecoin Deposits

Jan 21, 2021

AdAstra today announces the launch of the staking service. The aim of staking is to deliver AdAstra users a possibility to earn interest by locking their stablecoins on Kaizen.Finance, a new generation decentralized finance platform with cross-blockchain interoperable Kaizen protocol.

Users can deposit such stablecoins as DAI, USDT, USDC and BUSD with an 84%, 80%, 73% and 57% of annual returns respectively. Within staking, a minimal lockup period is 6 months.

With the new service being implemented, AdAstra continues on its path to expand its services in the decentralized finance industry, bringing their users the best experience of trading and offering apparent benefits from earning in DeFi.

AdAstra Launches Staking

Jan 20, 2021

We’re excited to announce the launch of staking on Adastra Finance - a decentralized finance platform powered by Kaizen protocol.

Now users can deposit DAI, USDT, USDC and BUSD to earn interest. You can learn more about staking conditions for every stablecoin on our website.

AdAstra team looks forward to expanding its services in the future and bringing their users the best possible DeFi experience.

Adastra Growth Plans in a Nutshell

Jan 14, 2021

Over the course of last year, our project grew tremendously. We closed 2020 with over 6,800 users, a 10,000% increase in trading volume, and a growing team of 4 full-time members and 6 part-time engineers.

AdAstra is excited to share the plans for the upcoming year. In 2021 you can expect the AdAstra team to commit to the implementation of staking and holder benefits, prioritize liquidity mining opportunities and deliver decentralized exchange integrations.

aIOT Liquidity Accumulation Round 1 is Over

Jan 11, 2021

aIOT Liquidity Event Results - January 10, 2021

Collected: 325 ETH

Raised in USD: 350 000 USD

Token Sale Goal : 500,000,000 aIOT

aIOT Liquidity Accumulation Dynamics

Jan 04, 2021

aIOT Liquidity Event Results - January 3, 2021

Collected: 153 ETH

Raised in USD: 182 000 USD

Token Sale Goal : 500,000,000 aIOT

Adastra Announces aIOT Liquidity Accumulation

Jan 02, 2021

Adastra announces that 500M aIOT tokens will be made available for sale via our website at 10:00 UTC, December 29, 2020. Read our step-by-step guide on the official AdAstra website and Telegram channels to participate in the aIOT liquidity accumulation.

aIOT Liquidity Accumulation Overview

35% of the total supply (20,000,000 aIOT) is allocated to the Public Liquidity Accumulation Event and divided into 3 phases: from December 2020 to February 2021.

aIOT Liquidity Accumulation Starts Today!

Dec 29, 2020

AdAstra is excited to announce that the launch of the highly anticipated liquidity accumulation is scheduled for December 29, 2020. More information on how to participate in liquidity accumulation and get aIOT is available on the official AdAstra website and Telegram channels.

Introducing the AdAstra Affiliate Program

Dec 22, 2020

To help you maximize your income, AdAstra has created an affiliate program that enables you to earn even more by spreading the word about aIOT. Utilize your network to participate in the AdAstra Affiliate Program and to earn up to 20% on all transactions within the Adastra ecosystem!