How to Stake using imToken

Short instructions

In the imToken app select Browser.

Paste into Search to find the Kaizen staking DApp.


Click Confirm to go to Kaizen staking.



Detailed instructions

Open the imToken app.

Select Browser.


Paste into Search to find Kaizen staking DApp.


Click Confirm to go to Kaizen staking.


Click Confirm to give Kaizen permission to access your wallet address.


Choose a stablecoin you would like to stake and click DEPOSIT.

Enter the amount you want to stake, and click DEPOSIT.

Approve and confirm your deposit. Deposit is a two-step operation. Each step requires your approval.


Your wallet may request you to grant Kaizen Finance the permission to withdraw your stablecoins and stake on your behalf.

Wait for the approval transaction to be confirmed.


Review the fees charged for your staking operation, and confirm the action in your wallet.

Wait for the transaction to be confirmed.

After the processing is complete your stablecoins will be withdrawn from your wallet and deposited into Kaizen Finance.

In exchange, you will receive staking tokens respective to the deposited stablecoins.

Please note that the lockup period for staking of all stablecoins on Kaizen Finance is 6 months.